Cute Little Anecdote

I was doing my quarterly perusal of the Choose Civility website because they update the site with links to stories that they find about themselves. There's a joke in there somewhere, but anyway, a woman named Karen Kleinz has a piece in NSPRA network publication from September about Choose Civility. It's largely the same cursory stuff - tolerance is great (although a lousy standard), everyone should be considered, think about society, etc. But, this part at the end was great:
Of course, often it's very young children who teach us the most powerful lessonsa bout acceptance,inclusion, and kindness. I was reminded of this at the NSPRA Seminar this past July. One of our Canadian members brought his son [Ben] to the Seminar and shared with me that his son was quite impressed with the campaign displays of our candidates for NSPRA President-elect and the Chesapeake Chapter's politically-decorated hospitality booth (complete with life-size cut outs of McCain, Obama and Hillary). So when they found themselves on an elevator with one of the NSPRA candidates, Ben whispered to his dad that "the guy on the elevator with us is famous!" He thought our candidate was running for President of the United States. After his dad explained the difference, unfazed, Ben marched right up and offered his endorsement anyway.

I bet Ben doesn't think our President is a moron.
Earlier in the piece, Karen talked about seeing a bumper sticker calling GWB a moron. But I honestly don't get the connection to this story. Am I a moron for not getting it? I mean, I think GWB has done a terrible job. And what's wrong with thinking that?

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