Embrace Hostility (Sort Of) is Catching On

Again, stuck in a rut in the Columbia Flier's opine page, I saw a great letter to the editor from Heather Vaughn called "I'll take safety over civility on county's highways." Basically, she takes people to task for having a Choose Civility magnet and then driving like crap.
I wondered, when you decide to go to the Howard County Library to pick up your Choose Civility literature and car magnet, do you also choose to drive like a complete moron once you slap that sticker on your bumper? I understand being conscious of your driving and trying to be civil to others while on the road, but does that sticker magnet make your car go only 35 miles per hour on Route 29 in the left-hand lane, or swerve to cause being cut off on Broken Land Parkway, or run the red light on Harper's Farm Road?
Heather's dead on here. But it also brings up another good point. Basically, people in the county are associating Choose Civility with driving smarter. Was that really the point? Is this money well spent?

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of bad driving in Columbia. On a rainy night during rush hour I was at a red light waiting to turn right. A huge SUV was behind me, honking since I wasn't trying to risk my life turning on red into rush hour traffic! Then once I found a reasonable distance between cars I turned right. He followed, continuing to tailgate on a single lane road (there were cars in front of me). Then when it became two lanes he tryed to pass me, but the car in the other lane was slowing him down so he was honking at them! When he was able to pass us I noticed a CHOOSE CIVILITY sticker. HA!