You Know About Those OBX Stickers?

If you've ever driven on the east coast of the United States, you're bound to have seen one of these:

They're the universal sign that you have visited the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  And they're also the universal sign that you think you're ultra cool for having visited the OBX.  And it's the universal sign that you are definitely, absolutely not cool at all.  As someone who lives there full time told me once:

No one who actually lives in the OBX and knows the OBX has an OBX sticker on their car.

So, that slogan should probably carry over to Choose Civility.  After all, most people who have the car magnets can't seem to drive very well.  They may or may not be civil.  Perhaps, then, the credo should be:

No one who drives well or is truly civil has a Choose Civility car magnet on their car.

1 comment:

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