This Movement Has Reached Ridiculous Proportions

Somehow, I got on television for this junk. Recently, I was interviewed by Kathleen Cairns of Fox 45 in Baltimore about this blog. She and I talked for 25 minutes or so, and I got about 20 seconds in the piece. It's TV - that's how it works.

I found my part of it hilarious that was the 20 seconds that she chose. Seriously, it was A Current Affair and The Daily Show at once - but on LOCAL NEWS. It reminded me of the Simpsons episode in which Homer is charged with sexual harassment, when really he just took the gummy Venus de Milo off of the butt of the babysitter. He went on "Rock Bottom" (think Hard Copy) to tell his story. The story was wildly edited to mince his words. The funniest part was that there was a clock behind Homer during the taping. So when the re-edit was done, it moved wildly against the actual time sequence of what Homer said. Too bad I said nothing even remotely "controversial." This was all they could do or they would've wasted 25 minutes of their lives. It that way, it was symbolic of Choose Civility.

And I thought it was equally entertaining that Kathleen was willing to put Choosing Civility to the test. I suggested in our interview that civility is so much more than just 25 rules. She demonstrated it in her piece, though in a way that wasn't really civility. I mean, there are kind homeless folks that wash windows. In New Jersey, people have to have their gas pumped by someone else. It was nice to see an attempt, but proved that the idea of what civility is and what is better behavior than that is easy to miss.

Anyway, if you want to watch the video, here's the link. If you came here because of the story, welcome and I hope you enjoy it. And, if you don't, then be like other people who have scratched their head about this and be civil about it.


Dinosaur Mom said...

No one has embraced my "Choose Prehistoricity" campaign. I feel a sense of blog failure.

Embrace Hostility said...

BWAHAHAHAHA! I love it so much.

Anonymous said...

Seems like you could use some civility. You're toxic and part of societal breakdown. Must you be so negative and disdainful? Maybe some of us want a more civil, less hostile society. Consider being a help instead of a disgruntled, contradictory naysayer. Come on, surely you can choose to be better than this toxicity you spew.