HoCo Library Admits Choose Civility is Just About Driving Better

We've been saying all this time that Choose Civility really comes across as nothing more than getting people to drive better. (Which they don't. In fact, they seem to drive worse because of an air of self-assurance that they're better than you because of the bumper sticker, so they can cut you off. After all, you're you.)

Anyway, we got confirmation in visual form from the library in Glenwood. This was passed along by a watchful reader:

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Anonymous said...

Howard County drivers are shit. Got a small one lane road in a neighborhood that only allows 20mph? LOL GO 70mph GOTTA GO FAST!!!

A lot of dumb white girls always text while driving here, and a lot of pissed of 70s porn star looking men tailgate you and then cut you off at 70 mph for fun. This godforsaken county puts LA driving to shame.